Digital right to work checks extended until 5 April 2022

26 August 2021

The Home Office has confirmed that the end date for the temporary adjustments made to right to work checks has been extended until 5 April 2022.

The deadline for the end of digital right to work checks, meaning a return to in-person checks, was scheduled for 1 September 2021, but this has now been amended. 

Additionally, the Home Office is reviewing specialist technology, which could support a move to permanent digital right to work checks. This would mean that checks could be conducted remotely but with enhanced security. 

It is hoped that the deferral of the end date of the adjusted checks to 5 April 2022 will ensure that the right to work scheme operates in a way which continues to support employers while the possibility of a long-term solution is explored. 

Further details of how adjusted right to work checks should be carried out are available here.

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