Employers may have to include in job advert if it can be done flexibly

03 October 2018

The Business Secretary Greg Clark has announced a series of new measures to back businesses and entrepreneurs, support workers and ensure every part of the country benefits from the government’s modern Industrial Strategy. The new measures include:

Proposals to help parents and carers in the workforce

While many companies are increasingly embracing flexible working and the benefits it brings, some employees face barriers in raising this issue with their employers. The government will consider creating a duty for employers to consider whether a job can be done flexibly, and make that clear when advertising.


Greater transparency on parental pay

While many employers go further than the legal minimum for parental leave and pay, very few publish their policies openly. The government will consult on requiring employers with more than 250 staff to publish their parental leave and pay policies, so job applicants can make informed decisions about whether they can combine the role with caring for their family.



New legislation, to be introduced at the earliest opportunity, will set out that tips must go to the workers providing the service.


Prompt payment

A call for evidence will be published later this week which will consider the best way to ensure company boards put in place responsible payment practices throughout their supply chain, including whether all company boards should give one of their non-executive director's specific responsibilities for the company’s prompt payment performance.


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