End of the Internet Explorer era

28 June 2022

Pay.UK, responsible for Direct Debit and Bacs Direct Credit in the UK, has urged those who rely on its Bacs payment system to act now to avoid disruption to access as the month end payments peak approaches.

Dougie Belmore, Pay.UK’s Chief Payments Officer, warned: “If you use our Bacs payments system and you haven’t yet adopted the changes we have previously advised, you could face difficulties when you do try to log on to Bacstel-IP or our Payment Services Website.  

Many of you will make or collect payments and deal with reports at either the very end or very beginning of the month; that means you may not have tried to use our systems or access our Payment Services Website since Microsoft withdrew support for IE11.”

Pay.UK advises Bacstel-IP users to speak to their Bacs approved software supplier for information on what, if anything, they need to do.

Those who use the Payment Services Website should set up IE11 compatibility mode in Edge; Windows 10 or 11 is needed for this to work. Pay.UK has also developed a guide [link] to help users through the process but internal IT teams are best-placed to advise.

It’s important to act now as when the browser will be removed isn’t clear; while Microsoft has confirmed it will take a phased approach, there isn’t any information on who will be affected and when. In other words, you could be impacted tomorrow or it might be next month or later. 

There is plenty of information here and Pay.UK has set up a dedicated IE11 team to help Bacs service users through the changes. You can call them on 0808 1000 423.

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