30 November 2021

Covering a wide range of topics, and the latest updates from the October 2021 Budget, including information on the Health and Social Care Levy and the changes to National Insurance, this essential course is a much-needed annual update.

Attending this course will give you the latest legislation, case law and information on proposed future changes, so you can be sure your knowledge is up-to-date.

Dates coming up for both online and face-to-face:

         Online dates              Face-to-face dates    
1 February 9 February - Manchester
17 February 28 February - London
2 March 4 March - Birmingham
14 March 10 March - Cardiff
30 March 11 March - Belfast

This course is designed to keep anyone with payroll responsibility up-to-date on recent and proposed changes needing to be implemented within their organisations, to remain compliant.

Don't delay your annual update and book your place today.