Employers spend less than an hour a month on automatic enrolment

05 April 2018

TPR’s latest employer survey on on-going duties under automatic enrolment shows that it is business as usual for employers with them spending less than an hour a month on their on-going duties.

The research also shows that the majority of employers support the increase in contributions on 6 April. A third of small employers already pay above the minimum.

Key findings include:

  • At least 92% of all employer sizes were aware of each individual ongoing duty in relation to automatic enrolment
  • The majority of employers did not have any difficulty with ongoing duties, finding them less onerous than they expected
  • Over half (57%) of micro, two-thirds of small (65%) and three-quarters of medium (79%) employers were aware of their re-enrolment duties, with almost all confident in their ability to fulfil them
  • Around nine in ten employers were aware that pension contributions will increase in April 2018. This is higher than in the baseline survey, and knowledge of the date and amount of the first increase has also increased significantly
  • Employers were generally positive about the planned increases in contributions, but over a quarter anticipated difficulty meeting the higher contribution levels
  • Most employers were confident they could deal with requests from their staff for pensions information or advice and did not see a need for additional support to help with this

Darren Ryder, TPR’s director of automatic enrolment, said:

“Automatic enrolment is a fantastic opportunity for staff to start saving for the future and our report highlights that employers are playing their part in making it a success.”