Financial wellbeing webinar

28 April 2017

On Tuesday 16 May at 12pm, Workplace Savings and Benefits (WSB) are hosting a webinar which will address the key issues that employers face when the impact of financial stress on the health of their employees affects their performance in the workplace.

According to WSB the difficulties of balancing the often competing demands of the workplace and our personal lives can, inevitably, leave even the most organised and competent people feeling unable to cope.

Such stress can be triggered by problems at work or at home as well as mental and other ill-health issues.

However, the impact of financial stress on health is increasingly being recognised by employers, who are concerned about the number of individuals experiencing debt and money problems – issues that often make their way back into the workplace in the form of lower productivity, stress and sickness absence.

This webinar will look at the impact of financial stress on health and ask what employers should be doing to support employee financial wellbeing. In particular it will ask:

  • How can employers recognise they have a problem with financial stress among employees, especially when discussing money issues can be seen as taboo for many people?
  • What are the perils of employers failing to engage with this issue?
  • What are employers currently doing to support employee financial wellbeing? What is best in class?
  • How can insurances such as income protection, sick pay insurance and cash plans/PMI help protect employees against financial stress and promote wellbeing?
  • To what extent can employer-run financial education programmes help boost a workforce's financial wellbeing? How should such programmes be structured and delivered?

Register here for the webinar on 16 May 2017 at 12pm