30 May 2023

Amazon has trialled and is now rolling out two new contract types to allow workers in its fulfilment centres to work more flexibly.

The first of these contracts will allow workers who have a responsibility to look after school-age children to work during term times only. This will give them the full six-week summer holiday off as well as the usual holiday periods. Normal benefits will not be affected with this contract type.

The second flexibility options will allow employees to choose between part-day, full-day, preferred night or day shifts and weekend shifts on a contract with a minimum of 80 hours per month. This will offer flexibility to cover personal commitments.

This has been brought in as a result of staff feedback and will be rolled out to  all fulfilment centres later this year after successful trials at two of its centres.

With Amazon being such a huge force in the labour market, these contracts will be studied closely by other large organisations. Will Amazon be the catalyst to drive change in employment practices across multiple businesses and sectors?

While this step forward is good for employees, this is happening alongside GMB’s fight to become the first union to represent its workers in Europe. GMB is currently in the process of applying for statutory recognition.

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