Fraudsters target personal tax accounts

09 March 2022

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has issued a press release which focuses on a new type of fraudulent activity currently taking place. 

Individuals are being told not to share any of their personal information online. This is to prevent their identities being used to claim false Self-Assessment tax refunds. Criminals have been collecting Government Gateway logins, along with other personal information to submit bogus tax refund claims and keep the money themselves. 

Many people have been targeted via social media, ranging in age from teenagers to pensioners. They’re promised a cut of the tax refund ‘risk -free’ in exchange for allowing the fraudsters to ‘borrow’ their identities. This could mean these individuals are inadvertently involving themselves in tax fraud.

The message is to either deal with HMRC directly or through a tax advisor when it comes to Self-Assessment tax refunds, to reduce the risk of fraud. 

The key information fraudsters are asking for (which shouldn’t  be provided) includes:

Government Gateway credentials
Bank account details
Passport number
Driving licence details
Date of birth
National Insurance number.

In February 2022, HMRC arrested four people in connection with suspected Self-Assessment repayment fraud and money laundering offences. 

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