Gift cards as incentives are highly appealing to workforce

15 October 2019

HR Review reports that the majority of the 1,253 workers who took part in a survey conducted by One4all Rewards, a benefits provider, were very receptive to the idea of an employer who provides gift cards or cash bonuses frequently as forms of incentive. They were so allured by the idea of these benefits that they would be inclined to apply for a job with a company that offered these inducements.


The exact figure was 61% of respondents who would appreciate the benefits of this nature, as opposed to 56% who would be interested in working for a company that provided non-cash related perks. 65% stated that gift cards or additional funds would prompt them and motivate them to work harder.


The study also highlighted how employees welcome positive feedback and that by simply acknowledging and ‘thanking’ staff, companies can dramatically improve retention levels. It also, not surprisingly, improves relations at work and to neglect expressing gratitude to employees can demotivate them, with 48% of the people surveyed admitting that a lack of appreciation from their employer could make them want to leave their job.



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