GOV.UK content feedback

13 September 2019

Many of us have experience of seeing areas of GOV.UK guidance where the information is either incorrect or misguiding or simply not detailed enough. GOV.UK needs your feedback in these situations.


This contentious area was under discussion once more at the CIPP’s recent Scottish National Conference in an open Q & A session with two members of HMRC’s Customer Engagement Team.


The most efficient way to effect changes to any content on GOV.UK is to feedback directly on the page you have comments about.  The CIPP urges anyone who sees any information that is incorrect to please report this using one of the following two options:


  • The first is to respond to the ‘Is there anything wrong with this page?’ link which can be found at the bottom right of each page. When selected, it has two boxes, one asks ‘What were you doing’? The other asks ‘What went wrong’? This is anonymous but provides an instant report in to the Government Digital Service team who review feedback and, we are assured that subject to quantity of feedback, will take corrective action.

  • The second option is to provide feedback via the ‘Contact section’ which is found at the bottom of each page.  Once on the contact page, use the GOV.UK form to send your questions or comments about the website.  You can use the form to ask a question, report a problem or suggest an improvement to the GOV.UK team. It gives you the opportunity to provide a greater level of information. This method also asks for your contact details for a reply and if you provide an email address then GOV.UK will keep you updated of its progress directly.


Please keep your comments and feedback coming to the CIPP Policy & Research Team at policy or via the CIPP Advisory Service on 0121 712 1099.