Have you migrated to AUDDIS?

24 June 2019

Although most organisations have been using AUDDIS (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service) to lodge Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs) electronically for many years, some service users are still posting DDIs to paying payment service providers (PSPs), for example banks and building societies.


If you have not yet migrated all of your service user numbers (SUNs) to AUDDIS then this information from Bacs may be of interest to you.



What is AUDDIS?


Practically, AUDDIS has only one primary change from conventional DDI processing: the original paper instruction is retained by you, not the PSP.


You simply enter your customer’s details into your own system and send them electronically via the Bacstel-IP service to the customer’s PSP.



What are the benefits to AUDDIS?


  • Enables faster identification of invalid account information thus reducing unpaid Direct Debits

  • Allows a reduction in the time between lodgement (when the PSP receives and accepts the DDI) and the collection of the first payment

  • Provides more accurate identification of a DDI through a mandatory reference

  • Eliminates the need to post DDIs.


Further information


To find out more about using AUDDIS and other services to improve the speed and efficiency of your Direct Debit processes, see the AUDDIS guide from Bacs.