14 May 2024

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has updated it’s app to include even more easy to use functions.

The HMRC app already had a wide range of useful functions and information, including your personal tax code, child benefit and universal credit data.

You can now also make a Simple Assessment Payment, check if you have any gaps in your National Insurance contributions and even make voluntary payments to cover any gaps.

Back In March, our quick poll asked if you promote the HMRC app to employees? The results found that only 28% of 542 responses said yes.

Additionally, results from the 2024 Payslip Statistics Survey showed that 25% respondents indicated the most frequent payroll query into their department is regarding their tax code.

Both finding indicate that encouraging employees to refer to the HMRC app, could reduce the volume of queries into the payroll department in the long term.


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