HMRC and HM Treasury call for evidence: an independent customs regime

10 February 2022

HMRC and HM Treasury would like to highlight the open consultation initiative Call for evidence: An Independent Customs Regime. As part of this, they welcome views on how to improve the UK’s customs system by simplifying processes for traders and embracing innovation.  

This call for evidence invites respondents’ views on:

•    the customs intermediary sector
•    the Simplified Customs Declaration Process (SCDP)
•    the Transit facilitation

HMRC and HM Treasury will host a webinar on 02nd March at 15.30 to introduce the Call for Evidence and give guidance about how to reply and answer participant questions; you can sign up for this event in advance. HMRC will send out a full programme and joining instructions the week before the event. 

Please note that this consultation closes at 11:45pm on 2 May 2022.

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