HMRC: new YouTube videos

20 February 2023

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has now launched videos explaining a customer’s options for resolving a dispute, via platforms such as YouTube.

The four videos, made with the collaboration of compliance reform forum members, explain a customer’s options for resolving a dispute and explains what a customer can do if they disagree with a HMRC compliance decision. These videos build on the existing YouTube series that helps explain the compliance check process.

The videos cover:  

  • the statutory review process for direct and indirect tax

  • how mediation can help resolve dispute using HMRC’s alternative dispute resolution process

Individual YouTube video links are here:

The single playlist link for all four videos on YouTube can be accessed here and these can also be accessed on Linkedin here. These videos will also soon be uploaded to the GOV.UK help and support page here.

HMRC wants to support customers through the course of a compliance check and we encourage payroll professionals to watch these short videos to aid them with this process.

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