HMRC publishes customer service data

03 April 2017


HMRC customer service data shows that in January the average speed of answering a customer call was three minutes, over a one minute improvement on December and well ahead of the six minute target.


HMRC publishes a monthly summary on GOV.UK of how they have performed against customer service targets on digital services, telephone answering, post-handling and responding to complaints.


In January, HMRC answered 93% of all customer calls, well above their 85% target. And the year to date figure (since April 2016) is also above target at 91%.


Year to date figures for handling post also show HMRC are maintaining target; with 81% of post handled within 15 days (80% target) and 97% of post handled within 40 days (95% target).


Personal Tax Account usage since its introduction in December 2015 is up to 8.3 million against a target of 7 million; however customer satisfaction with digital services remains below its 80% target at 74% (year to date).


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