HMRC releases new P87 form and guidance notes

14 December 2022

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has issued the new P87 form and guidance notes.

Individuals in paid employment needing to claim tax relief on job expenses by post are required to use the P87 form. However, from 21 December 2022, the new Tax relief for expenses of employment (P87) form and guidance notes will need to be used. A form is also available for any claims dating before 21 December 2022.

If you want to use the ‘Before 21 December 2022 use Tax relief for expenses of employment’ version of form P87, your form must reach HMRC by 20 December 2022.

It is important to complete the correct form applicable to the circumstances. The forms issued are interactive, however an accessible format can be requested from HMRC.

You can read more on the topic of claiming income tax relief for your employment expenses (P87) on the GOV.UK site. 


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