HMRC releases research on employment status.

28 July 2022

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has released a research report entitled ‘Different Ways of Working: Research on Employment Status in the UK’.

The research was carried out independently by the research agency Kantar Public. The purpose of the report is to improve understanding of individuals with ‘worker’ employment status. This is crucial to determine who qualifies for employee rights and protections.

The report lays out core objectives of the research as follows:

    estimate the number of individuals in the overall UK workforce, as of early 2019, who were likely to have ‘worker’ (employee or limb (b) worker) status

•    assess what employment status was assigned to individuals who, based on the criteria, were likely to fall into the worker category

•    identify the demographic and economic characteristics of individuals who could have been classified as ‘workers’ – for example, their gender, age, income, earnings and industry sector.

The research consisted of a survey of a representative sample of UK adults, discarding people that could immediately be identified as employees, self-employed or unemployed. The rest were asked questions to help determine whether they were likely to be classed as workers or self-employed. The questions examined the relationship between the sample and those that were in receipt of services, examining aspects such as control, integration, personal service and continuity.

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