HMRC’s Agent Account Managers

22 May 2017

HMRC’s Agent Account Managers (AAMs) provide an issue resolution service for tax agents, and advisers, who are unable to find answers to client-specific problems.

The AAMs are not a substitute for following the formal complaints procedure but they can help agents deal more effectively with HMRC by acting as an intermediary when normal communication channels are not operating effectively.

Over 10,000 agents are registered to use the AAM service. The issues they assist with range from common problems, such as progressing client repayments, to more specific questions, such as finding the correct process for R40 claims for children and the elderly.

To register for the AAM service you will need to complete the online user registration form. You can do this before you even have an issue. You only need to register once, and only 1 representative needs to register for everyone in the firm to be able use the service. If you have more than 1 branch or office, 1 representative from each branch will need to register, but then everyone in that branch will be able to use the service.

Before you use the AAM service, you must first contact the HMRC office you’ve been dealing with or contact HMRC to resolve your issue.

The AAMs don’t give advice on technical matters or the interpretation of tax legislation and guidance; they are purely the ‘middle-man, to help you resolve your issue.

For full details on using this service, see guidance on agent account managers in HMRC.