HMRC’s Agent Forum

20 December 2017

The new Agent Forum (AF) launched in July 2017 and provides a valuable service for agents. It provides an opportunity for agents to:

  • Raise potential widespread issues

  • Provide evidence to support an issue

  • Receive updates on current issues

  • Suggest solutions or disagree with an item

  • View recently cleared issues

  • Suggest ideas for operational improvements


The forum is continuing to increase its reach. This is evidenced by the following measures up to and including November 2017:

  • 239 registered agents

  • 156 issues (topics) raised - live and cleared

  • 966 associated posted messages - live and cleared

  • 14,357 total AF views


The AF is hosted within the HMRC online forum in an area dedicated to agents. It is in the private beta test and learn stage, so membership is currently restricted to members of Professional Bodies (PB).

To find out more about AF, see the December edition (63) of HMRC’s Agent Update.