HMRC stakeholder engagement survey research 2022 results

18 July 2022

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has released research, conducted by Yonder, which sought feedback from stakeholders.

The research aims were to:

  • understand stakeholders’ general perceptions of HMRC: favourability, trust, and change over time
  • gauge awareness of HMRC and stakeholders’ knowledge about HMRC’s remit, vision and priorities
  • explore HMRC’s perceived performance generally as the UK’s tax authority and in specific areas
  • assess HMRC’s communication and engagement with stakeholders.

Overall, stakeholders are happy with HMRC’s performance in the context of challenging circumstances and perceptions of limited resources. Most respondents identified as “critical friends”, supporting HMRC and providing constructive feedback, and very few as “critics”.

Allowances made last year, due to the pandemic, are less relevant and there is a perception that HMRC has been slow to react to post-pandemic demands.

As with previous years, “poor customer service” and “poor responsiveness” were common comments on HMRC’s performance. Additionally, there are increased concerns that they lack “technical Skill”, with some stakeholder receiving inconsistent or unclear answers.

“Collecting taxes” is seen as HMRC’s primary purpose and most agree that they fulfil this purpose competently. Awareness of other elements of their remit, such as “making it hard to bend or break the rules” and “making it easy for people and businesses to get their tax right”, was less strong.

Again, stakeholders are largely happy with the levels of engagement, praising the professionalism of staff. Those with designated points of contact are more likely than those without to be satisfied with their relationship. The frequency and number of communication channels is praised by respondents and there is a strong perception that HMRC listens to and understands feedback.

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