HMRC urging users to give feedback on manuals

22 December 2021

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) produce many materials, such as manuals, to assist employers and agents in understanding and processing their duties. In the Agent Update, HMRC have asked that users continue to provide feedback where possible.

On each manual page there are 3 options for feedback:

•    ‘Report a problem with this page’ to provide anonymous feedback comments
•    ‘Is this page useful? Yes or No’ to anonymously rate the page
•    ‘Contact’ link to use the form to provide feedback and get a reply.

HMRC value this feedback, allowing them to provide content that is useful and to improve upon it where it is needed. If you are using one of the pages with feedback options, please take the time to provide your comments, it can be extremely quick to do so.

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