HMRC webinars: key responsibilities – employing people

18 November 2019

HMRC has announced that it will be running two webinars surrounding crucial information in relation to employing people.

One of the sessions relates to company directors and how their treatment in relation to payroll can differ to that of other employees. Specifically, the webinar will address the tax and National Insurance (NI) implications of hiring directors and what information needs to be submitted to HMRC. There will also be information relating to record-keeping.

You can enrol here. The webinar is taking place on 21 November at 10:00 AM.

There is also a session relating to health and safety and considerations for hiring new people and what your duties as an employer are in relation to this.

The health and safety webinar can be accessed here. It is taking place on 20 November at midday.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions throughout the duration of the webinars. They can be raised via the on-screen text box.


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