Is there a gender trust gap?

14 May 2018

New research from Prudential shows that around a third of couples have secret savings or investments which they have deliberately started without telling their partner or spouse.

The findings, which are part of Prudential’s latest annual research into the retirement aspirations and financial planning of UK couples aged 40 and over, found that couples don’t just keep savings secret. 21 percent say their partner doesn’t even know how much they earn, while 19 percent hide debts.

Other key findings include:

  • 34 percent of couples admit they just don’t want their partner to be able to access all their money

  • 22 percent do not trust their partner to make the right decisions about their finances so want to keep control

  • 44 percent of those keeping income secrets say their basic salary is higher than their partner thinks it is

  • Men are more likely to squirrel away their savings – 33 percent keep a secret stash compared to 28 percent of women

Read the full press release from Prudential.