It’s a nightmare!

23 July 2020

We all will have experienced, at some point in our careers, a payroll or pension disaster – which despite the passage of time probably remains fresh and raw in our memory and brings tears to the eyes at the merest mention.

Arguably this year will have been a nightmare for many working within the payroll industry but in this instance we would like you to dig deep and share that moment in your career that even now makes you cringe.

For the October edition of Professional in Payroll, Pension and Reward (PiPPaR) we are going to be dunking apples, hosting our Halloween parties and looking to bring tears of laughter (oh, and a little sympathy) as you share your very own payroll or pension horror stories.

The intention is to share all anonymised horror stories (real or imagined, your experiences or those of a colleague) in the October issue of Professional magazine and we promise not to hold anyone to ransom over their confessions.

The copy deadline for sending in your story is 21 August. Please forward them to [email protected].

And here is one to get you started …

T’was both the (brought forward) payday before Christmas and also the day of the company’s annual dinner dance and I had entered the wrong date in the BACS submission

I felt very conspicuous at the dinner dance, despite trying to keep a low profile. The financial director to whom I reported had been out of the office all day and so had not hauled me across the coals for my mistake. Entering the hall however, he made straight towards me. I apologised for the error, which he graciously accepted although I am not sure about the other attendees.

From here, things went sort of up, or downhill (depending on your sympathy levels) I had bought two strips of tombola tickets and had to suffer five of them being drawn in the tombola!

Ordinarily I would have been thrilled, but it was so embarrassing, being the least popular person in the room that year! My table colleagues declined the winning tickets which I pleaded with them to take…so I had to repeatedly walk a walk of shame across the dancefloor to the tombola. I kept two prizes but later gave one of them - a large teddy bear - to the local children’s hospital.

To this day I blush every time I remember that event.

Thank you to everyone who has responded so far.


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