Italian hospital employee accused of skipping work on full pay for 15 years

22 April 2021

It has been reported in the media that an employee of a hospital in Italy has been accused of not attending work for a period of 15 years, but of still receiving full pay during that time.

The individual is being investigated in relation to fraud, extortion, and abuse of office, and it is claimed that, in 2005, he stopped attending work at the Ciaccio hospital in Cantanzero. In this time, he was paid €538,000, or £464,000 for the period that he was not working. This would undoubtedly be classed as an overpayment.

The 67-year-old man is also accused of threatening one of his managers to prevent her from filing a disciplinary report against him. This manager later retired. In addition to this, six managers at the hospital are being investigated in connection with the period of absence.

CIPP comment

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