Improving the process of Student Loan Stop Notices

14 February 2019

Both HMRC and the Student Loan Company (SLC) are reviewing the number of Stop Notices (SL2) that are currently issued and the rate of response by employers. Whilst compliance is generally good, there are still a significant number issued that fail to get any response. HMRC and SLC are keen to hear what action could be taken, or improvements that can be made, to help employers to respond and action the SL2 at the right time.


Is the guidance on sufficient to help employers? Is the notification service active and timely enough to alert employers to take action?


CIPP comment


If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions as to how this process could be improved, or indeed any process relating to Student Loan repayments, please contact the policy team by email – adding Student Loan to the subject line.


We look forward to hearing from you.