Submitting car data - HMRC and CIPP joint survey

12 September 2017

The aim of the survey is to collect views and experiences from employers who have chosen to voluntary payroll benefits in kind specifically company cars and car fuel, and have voluntarily begun to input company car data to the Full Payment Submission (FPS) during the 2017-18 tax year.

The mandatory input of this data on the FPS will not begin until April 2018.

HMRC would like to carry out some follow up work with a small number of volunteer employers to observe how the data collection and input process works for employers of all sizes. Space is available at the end of the survey to input your contact details if you would be happy to be involved with the follow up work, however this is not a compulsory requirement for completing the survey.

The survey will remain open to gather data throughout the coming months as it is appreciated that experiences and views may adapt as the year progresses.

The survey provides you with the opportunity to include narrative of your experiences however if you have further comments please contact Samantha Mann, senior policy and research officer by email to policy.

Thank you for your time in completing this survey which, subject to your experience and views, should take between 5 -10 minutes to complete.