Labour would introduce four new bank holidays if it wins election

25 April 2017


A Labour government would introduce bank holidays for the patron saints of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Jeremy Corbyn has announced.


Reported by Politics Home, under the plans public holidays would be held to mark:

  • St. George’s Day on 23 April

  • St. Andrew’s Day on 30 November

  • St. David’s Day on 1 March

  • St. Patrick’s Day on 17 March.

The Labour party leader is reported as saying that for years, Britain’s workers haven’t had a proper pay rise, with wages for most people still below 2007 level. And that after seven years of austerity our workers deserve a break and they will have the opportunity of four or more days off a year under a Labour government.

Mr Corbyn also said that he would ask for the support of the governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland so that the same four holidays can be enjoyed a cross the United Kingdom to bring our country closer together.


CIPP comment

This plan is likely to be popular with individuals; however businesses may not have the same perspective as it will be down to them to fund and administer the additional time off.