Labour plan to introduce 32-hour working week whilst abolishing zero-hour contracts

02 October 2019

MP John McDonnell has pledged that the Labour party will implement a much shorter 32-hour average working week, which will have no detrimental impact on salaries, within the ambitious timescale of ten years.


Employee Benefits has reported that, whilst speaking at the 2019 Labour Party Conference, McDonnell declared, “We should work to live, not live to work” whilst outlining the party’s plans for its next term in government.  He pointed out that “millions are exhausted from overwork” and promised to eliminate the option for UK employees to opt out of the EU Working Time Directive, which currently means that staff can be coerced into working more than 48 hours per week, should their employer deem it necessary.


McDonnell also passed comment on the controversial issue of zero-hour contracts and advised that they would be abolished to ensure that employees have guaranteed working hours and therefore enough income to realistically live on.  In addition to this, he asserted that the National Living Wage would be increased to at least £10 an hour, again reiterating this requirement for a reasonable minimum income to survive on.


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