Margaret Beels OBE – Director of Labour Market Enforcement appointment

22 November 2021

Beels has today (22 November 2021) been appointed as Director of Labour Market Enforcement and will continue with the work that earned her an OBE in 2020. This new appointment is effective immediately and will oversee the annual assessment into the scale of non-compliance within the labour market. 

The Office of the Director of Labour Market Enforcement (ODLME) is sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Business Strategy (BEIS) and the Home Office.

The new director will also decide the strategy and direction for the three labour market enforcement bodies:

•    The Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate
•    The Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority
•    HMRC’s National Minimum Wage Team

These three bodies are to be combined into a single enforcement body, becoming a ‘one-stop shop’ for labour enforcement and compliance action. Announced in June 2021, this new body will aim to assist employees and employers alike to educate and improve legislative understanding and compliance.

In a news article published by BEIS, Margaret Beels said:
“I am proud to take on the role of Director of Labour Market Enforcement. All workers are entitled to fair wages and proper working conditions. Sadly this is not always the case. I look forward to working with the 3 enforcement bodies within my jurisdiction to deliver better outcomes for workers who are being exploited.”

This role has been vacant since January 2021, when Matthew Taylor was the interim Director of Labour Market Enforcement.

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