Morrisons faces £100m equal pay claim from shop floor workers

05 March 2018

Just weeks after the news that Tesco are facing Britain's largest ever equal pay claim, another supermarket giant – Morrisons - could well take that title.

Asda was the first of the large supermarkets to receive claims from shop workers over equal pay, which now total over 15,000 employees. This was the case to lead the way as the Employment Tribunal ruled that claimants who work in Asda’s retail stores can compare themselves with higher paid men who work in distribution centres.

Sainsbury’s also has over 2,400 claims from employees in their stores who claim they do work of “equal value” with colleagues in the distribution centres.

And now Morrisons; the Retail Sector has reported that around 170 claimants from Morrisons are being represented and like the other supermarkets, the claims primarily relate to the difference in pay between workers on supermarket shop floors and those in the associated distribution centres. The claimants, many of whom are customer assistants and roughly 70% women, believe they have been underpaid almost £2 per hour dating back up to six years and are therefore owed thousands in back pay.

Roscoe Reid who is representing the claimants estimates that there are up to 25,000 Morrisons workers who may have a claim including those who have left within the last six years. These include full time, part time and casual workers across all of the UK’s 498 stores.