Research reveals professions Brits complain about the most – amazingly, payrollers do not feature!

07 November 2019

The online property firm has published research relating to which professions people grumble about the most, and in a shocking twist, payrollers do not feature on the list once!

As the issue of pay is such a sensitive and emotive issue, it is easy to see why employees get so upset and frustrated if they feel that their pay is incorrect or in cases where there is actually an issue with their pay. Payroll departments up and down the country will not be strangers to being shouted at, cried to, or, in extreme cases, sworn at by staff members in relation to the subject of their wages. The fact that pay is of such importance reinforces the requirement for payrollers to get things right first time and to take additional care when processing all elements of the payroll, particularly those that directly impact pay.

The research was gathered using Google and examined the search volumes including the word ‘complaint’ in conjunction with a variety of professions. Police officers were awarded the prestigious title of most complained about profession, with over 29,000 Google searches including the phrase ‘police complaint’ conducted in a month. There were significantly higher numbers of police complaints than for any other profession, as number two on the list was lawyers, but they only clocked up around 5,800 searches in a month.

The remaining professions on the list were as per below, and some of the usual suspects are included but others make for surprising reading –

  • Estate agents
  • GPs
  • Teachers
  • Builders
  • Accountants
  • Dentists
  • Postmen
  • Nurses
  • Opticians
  • Gardeners
  • Plumbers
  • Recruiters
  • Bank Managers
  • MPs
  • Child Minders
  • Mechanics
  • Traffic wardens
  • Priests

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