In-house learning


If you are able to sponsor five or more employees in any academic year, the CIPP offers an in-house service to employers for provision of the Foundation Degree in Payroll Management.

How does this benefit the employer?

  • No travel and subsistence for sponsored employees which reduces the cost to you and time out of the office
  • All employees study together
  • Delivery on-site with a set timetable for tutor attendance and exam sittings
  • Material delivered by a dedicated qualified tutor who can focus on your organisations requirements

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Training courses

If you have more than four members of staff that would benefit from CIPP training, it may be more cost effective to run the training course in-house. Similarly, if you are in a shared office environment and there are a number of employees working for other organisations in your building that would benefit, you could split the cost.

All of the CIPP’s training courses can be run in-house and the content can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Benefits of in-house delivery include:

  • Content can be tailored to your own organisations’ needs meaning that your staff will get the best possible results
  • Commercially sensitive areas can be covered that might not be discussed within a public course environment
  • Training can be delivered on your own premises which will reduce the cost of attendance when compared to sending staff on public training courses
  • The course is presented in an environment which will encourage the delegates to interact and fully understand the message being delivered
  • Time is not ‘lost’ through travelling to and from an external training facility
  • Courses can accommodate any number of people which results in the cost per head being significantly reduced. A minimum fee will apply for up to five delegates and an additional cost per head after that
  • Training can be undertaken at a time to suit the business and the individual needs – you do not have to wait until a public course is running
  • Team building opportunities as all course delegates have the opportunity to communicate and discuss company policies and strengths

These courses are financially very attractive and rates start from £1137.50 + VAT per day for up to five delegates.

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