17 January 2022

Anthony Vollmer ACIPP, managing director at Moorepay introduces the new employee mobile app the company is offering, explaining how it works

Our employee mobile app has arrived, catapulting employee self-service (ESS) into the digital age.

Why did we build ESS into a mobile app? How did customer feedback shape our journey? And what can people expect from this new, pocket-sized product?

A simple solution to a big problem.

We spoke to our customers and learned their payroll and human resource (HR) teams regularly found themselves drowning in a sea of employee queries, forever chasing down timesheets and repeatedly delivering the same messages to employees. As a result, processes were slow, and everyone was left frustrated.

What we also know, is our reliance on mobile phones has risen fast over the last decade. In fact, a recent study from RescueTime found people spend an average of three hours and fifteen minutes on their phones, every single day.

With all this, we saw a huge opportunity to improve the user experience of ESS. We wanted it to be accessible on the device that employees use the most. It also had to be easy to use and intuitive, to prevent those ‘how do I find x, y and z?’ queries hitting payroll and HR departments.

So, back in November 2019, we set the wheels in motion to design and build an employee mobile app.


Easy to use                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Want to book this Friday off work on your bus ride in? Quickly edit your bank details on a Sunday? And what about notifications that chime when your timesheet’s been approved? That would all be handy, wouldn’t it? That’s why we’ve built all of this into the app, to create a seamless employee experience.

We also want to give employees the gift of time. No need to boot up the laptop, just grab your mobile, and within a couple of clicks, you’ve submitted your holiday request – simple.

All this goes for managers too. Approving, rejecting, and requesting more information about timesheet and leave submissions is faster than ever. What’s more, repeated queries to payroll and HR about PDF payslips, leave allowances, and adding emergency details should be a thing of the past. Employees will have the means to do all this themselves, and with extreme ease.


Easy to access

The app is deployed on both Google Play (fear not, Android users), and in the app store, so no matter what the device, employees can enjoy all the benefits on offer. And once downloaded, there’s no faffing about with password management and long-winded login processes, they simply enable fingerprint or facial recognition and are on their way.

Employees can access the leave calendars of their teammates. This helps them make decisions about when to book their annual leave – ‘Dean’s also off that week, maybe I’ll book the week after’. This neat feature brings teams and managers together, driving visibility and saving time.

What’s more, all holiday booked in the app is updated in real-time in our Next Generation software and in Microsoft Office 365 applications. This means managers and employees can see what’s pending and what is approved directly in Outlook and Teams.


Easy to trust

Our team of developers and legislation experts work hard to make sure our Next Generation payroll and HR software (and the mobile app) is up to date. So, businesses can rest assured they’re compliant and meeting their legal obligations.

Further, our ‘privacy view’ of payslips means no prying eyes when checking your latest payslip on the train. We’ve also implemented additional measures to beef-up security and biometric logins add another layer to keep personal data safe.

Our IT team work tirelessly to ensure pen tests, vulnerability scans and continuous monitoring protocols are in place to ensure sensitive company and employee data doesn’t slip into the wrong hands.


What next?

As teams spread out and hybrid working becomes commonplace, our mobile app works hard to keep employees, managers and admins connected. We’re just at the start of our journey. Over the coming months, we’ll be cramming even more exciting features into our app. If you’d like to find out more about our new employee mobile app, we’d love to hear from you. 


Visit Moorepay’s website, at: http://ow.ly/XH5x30s71ez.


Featured in the February 2022 issue of Professional in Payroll, Pensions and Reward. Correct at time of publication.