Launch of the NAO – University of Birmingham Tax Centre

26 January 2018

The National Audit Office (NAO) and University of Birmingham have announced the establishment of the NAO - University of Birmingham Tax Centre - a collaboration to inform improvements in the administration of the tax system.

The NAO-University of Birmingham Tax Centre will bring together both practical and academic expertise using economic, financial and legal evidence, from the UK and internationally, on issues such as behavioural economics insights into tax administration; assessing the tax gap; the impact of making tax digital; tax evasion and avoidance; customer service; and transformation of the tax system.

At the launch event, held at the National Audit Office in London, co-founder Professor Kimberley Scharf spoke about the NAO’s and University of Birmingham’s previous work on Gift Aid and reliefs on donations. The collaboration showed how the Centre will be able to bring together the NAO’s experience in helping Parliament hold government to account and improve public services, and the University of Birmingham’s academic approach and innovation.

The NAO-University of Birmingham Tax Centre will make previous and new research accessible on tax; as well as encouraging debate, the exchange of knowledge and stimulating ideas through workshops, conferences, and national and global networks. It will provide an opportunity for government bodies, academics and tax practitioners to discuss needs and practical challenges in a manner illustrated by a recent NAO blog-post.