04 July 2023

Individuals with an Apple iPhone can now store their National Insurance (NI) number in their Apple Wallet either online or through the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) App. HMRC also published this information in the June 2023 issue of the Employer Bulletin.

This also means that employees may provide proof of their NI number using their Apple Wallet rather than through the HMRC NI number confirmation letter. HMRC wants to reassure employers that this is genuine and should be accepted in the same way a letter would be.

HMRC reported that issuing NI number confirmation letters by post, can take up to 15 days. With this new feature employees’ NI numbers can be viewed, shared and printed in the HMRC App within minutes and saved for future use. However, employers must ensure that the employee’s name matches what is shown in the Apple Wallet. If a record of it is needed for internal processes, a request for a screenshot can be made to the employee.

HMRC are currently working to give Android phone users the ability to save their NI number to their Google Wallet. A further update will be provided when this is released.

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