Non-compliance with auto enrolment has further consequences

25 April 2018

Not only did bus company Stotts Tours and its MD receive a criminal conviction for failure to comply with automatic enrolment legislation, the company now also faces the possibility of losing its operating licence due to loss of good repute.

Professional Pensions (PP) has reported that the Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC) has called a public inquiry to deliberate whether the bus company retains "good repute" as required under operating licence rules.

In November last year, TPR secured its first wilful non-compliance conviction as Stott Tours were found to have deliberated failed to put 36 members of staff into a workplace pension and begun to pay contributions from June 2015.

According to PP the inquiry will be held on 27 April in Golborne, Wigan and will include evidence from independent third parties - government and enforcement agencies, such as the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) - as well as the bus company and investigators.

Reportedly the OTC could decide to curtail, suspend or revoke Stotts Tour's licence, as well as disqualify businesses and individuals from operating in the future.

A decision will be made either on the day or within 28 days of the hearing.