NEST User Group – would you like to be a member?

09 August 2019

We are looking for employer (not agent) representatives to be members of the NEST user group to provide feedback on the usability of their online systems and discuss prospective changes.


We know that many CIPP members use the NEST pension scheme either for their own employees or as an agent for their payroll clients.


Earlier this year we reported that we have been in discussions with NEST about setting up a user group to enable CIPP members to have contact with NEST and to provide feedback.


Following our initial request for volunteers we received several responses from payroll agents, but not many employers got in touch. For now we have enough agents on board but we really need some employer volunteers please.


The purpose of the user group is to:


  • Provide feedback to NEST on the usability of their online systems

  • Discuss with NEST prospective changes to their systems

  • Seek information from NEST on how to use their system most effectively and agree how best to communicate that to other CIPP members


The intention is that there should be quarterly meetings of the group which will, subject to the availability of suitable venues, be held in different parts of the UK.


If your employer is a NEST user, and you are interested in being a member of this group please contact policy titling your email ‘NEST user group’.