New performance management guidance from Acas

10 December 2018

New research from Acas reveals that one in ten employers said that their performance management system was demotivating for staff. Acas has produced new guidance to help employers.

The research from the survey 'Improvement required?' also revealed that only one in four employers confirmed that their performance management systems are adapted for staff with special needs, disabilities and conditions such as dyslexia and autism.


Acas Chair, Brendan Barber wrote in an article that part of the problem with systems for managing performance is that they often try and be all things to all people. He said:

  • they need to make staff more productive but not forget to motivate them;

  • they need to give staff clear goals but allow room for personal development; and

  • they need to be fair and transparent without becoming too rigid and bureaucratic.


According to Barber, one notable exception to this is pay, which did not emerge as a top priority for many employers in the survey but was seen to affect some other decisions.


Read more from Barber’s full article Performance management tries hard but has lost its identity.