New Quick Poll: Accessing HMRC guidance online

30 September 2020

Guidance relating to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), and the frequency with which it evolved, has highlighted the necessity of payroll professionals to familiarise themselves with HMRC information available on Gov.UK. This is to ensure that they process payrolls in line with legislation, and that they are treating various pay elements correctly.

The CIPP’s Policy and research team wants to hear from you, and how you most frequently access HMRC guidance online, and so has published a new Quick Poll on the News Online page. The Poll asks:

“When looking for HMRC guidance on Gov.UK, where do you look?”

This is an important question, and your responses will advise what the most effective methods of communication are for HMRC, when publishing the latest guidance and updates.

Whilst we are aware that payroll professionals are extremely busy, the Quick Poll will take less than a minute to complete, and will feed into research that explores the best ways for HMRC to communicate with its customers.


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