New telephone scam in circulation

19 March 2021

A CIPP member has alerted our Advisory team to a new telephone scam that is currently in operation. As always, we want to ensure that nobody falls victim to unscrupulous scammers, who seem to be taking advantage of the additional pressures imposed by coronavirus.

The phone call involves an automated voice which advises the individual being targeted that their National Insurance (NI) number is fraudulent, and that they should remain on the line.

Following on from this, the automated voice stops, and a person begins to speak, stating that the individual is not valid for Pay As You Earn (PAYE), their NI number is incorrect, and that a warrant is out for their arrest.

Anybody who receives this call should refrain from providing any personal information whatsoever if it is requested. They should also report it to HMRC. Additionally, any suspicious emails and text messages purporting to be from HMRC should be reported.


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