Payroll Giving @30Thunderclap

18 April 2017


To celebrate 30 Years of Payroll Giving there is a Thunderclap happening on Wednesday 19 April.

For those who have never taken part in a Thunderclap before, it's just an easy way to get lots of people Tweeting/Facebooking the same message at the same time - so it reaches audiences far and wide and has maximum impact.

The Association of Payroll Giving Organisations (APGO) would love as many people as possible to be involved in the Thunderclap happening on Wednesday 19 April.

Recent figures show that the total figure raised through Payroll Giving now stands at £2 Billion.

To support Payroll Giving and be involved all you need to do is to agree to let Thunderclap post the message to Facebook/Twitter or Tumblr for you. You can do this personally or if permissible, from your company's social media accounts.

Feel free to share the message around your organisation and ask employees to join in.


Click here for full details on spreading the word about payroll giving.