A third of respondents plan on payrolling in 2017-18

27 September 2016

27 September 2016

We received 573 responses throughout September and 33% of respondents said yes, they would be taking up voluntary payrolling of benefits next year, but what of the remaining 67%? What is stopping the 35% who said ‘no’ they would not be, and the 32% who are still undecided?

Register for Payrolling BiKs in 2017

If you are planning to take up voluntary payrolling of BiKs you can register now or anytime up to 5 April 2017, however HMRC advises employers to register before the annual tax coding process begins, which is usually around 21 December to avoid being sent multiple tax codes for employees with payrolled benefits.

Go to GOV.UK for full guidance and the link to register.