Pre-Christmas automatic enrolment spot checks

27 November 2017

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is carrying out spot checks in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent to ensure employers are complying with their workplace pension duties.

Inspection teams will visit more than 200 businesses from Southampton in the west to Ashford in the east in the weeks before Christmas to check that qualifying staff are being given the workplace pensions they are entitled to.

The move is part of a nationwide enforcement campaign which began in London in April to ensure employers are meeting their automatic enrolment duties correctly.

This is the first time these checks have been done in these counties. Short-notice inspections have previously been carried out in Greater Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Scotland and South Wales.

The checks will help TPR understand whether employers are facing any unnecessary challenges that we can help them with, such as helping them improve their systems. But they will also highlight employers who have not taken the required steps to become or remain compliant, paving the way for enforcement action.