Potential deportation for EU citizens who miss registration deadline

11 October 2019


The BBC have published coverage of the revelation from the Home Office minister, Brandon Lewis, that EU citizens face possible deportation should they not observe the deadline for making their right to remain application. The controversial statement has drawn disapproval from many, with campaign group the3million observing that ‘this is no way to treat people’.


Lewis confirmed that individuals could still be extradited even if they meet the qualifying criteria of a residence permit if they fail to adhere to the cut-off point, which currently sits at the end of December 2020 should a no-deal Brexit go ahead. There would be consideration for individuals who have valid justification for missing the deadline, but these would be classed as exceptions.


Figures reveal that there have already been 1.8 million applications to the EU Settlement Scheme, but with a predicted 3.3 million EU citizens currently residing in the UK, this means only just over half of the demographic have taken the required action. Of the applications that have already been processed, the statistics reveal that 61% were granted settled status, 38% pre-settled status and 0.5% were vaguely categorised as ‘having other outcomes’. The revelation surrounding the deadline and the implications of missing it may prompt an influx in applications over the coming weeks and months.


The Home Office, acting as the voice of reassurance, have confirmed that they are ‘looking for reasons to grant status, not refuse, and EU citizens have until at least December 2020 to apply.’



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