Professional in Payroll, Pensions and Reward will now be distributed in a fully recyclable wrap

21 November 2019

With the ever-growing urgency and concern for our environment, we have been looking at how we can do more to aid the efforts and reduce our non-recyclable waste.

Earlier this year we removed plastic water bottles from our Annual Conference and Exhibition, instead, we provided every delegate, speaker and exhibitor with their own CIPP water bottle. This prevented thousands of plastic bottles from being thrown away after use.

Since then, we have been reviewing what else we can change which will make an impact.

Something we identified was how we send out our magazines, using a plastic polysynthetic wrap for postage. We knew there had to be a more environmentally friendly way to send our members our magazine and I'm pleased to say we found one.

You will now receive your magazine in a fully compostable potato starch wrap, meaning this can be disposed of within home composting bins or, where accepted by local authorities, into food waste recycling or your green bin.

Considering that we send more than 40,000 copies of our magazine each year, I'm sure you can all agree this is a significant step forward, not only for the CIPP but our environment too.