New Quick Poll: The biggest challenges payroll departments face when processing the December payroll

09 September 2020

There will no doubt be a sea of groans at the fact that Christmas is being mentioned in September, but it is crucial for payroll professionals to be mindful of the fact that December will be here in no time at all! As the CIPP’s Policy and research team explore the challenges that payroll teams face during the processing month of December, we have posted a new Quick Poll online to gather the views of our members.

December is typically a shorter payroll month for the majority of businesses, as they aim to pay their staff ahead of Christmas day, but this obviously has repercussions for those working within the payroll department, as they must ensure that everyone is still paid correctly, but in a much shorter timeframe. There are associated Real Time Information (RTI) considerations that must be observed to ensure that payroll is processed accurately, and in accordance with HMRC rules. It may also be the case that employers choose to offer additional perks over the festive period, such as a bonus or a gift of some description. This is to be applauded but, again, these pay elements will attract certain tax and NI implications, all of which the payroll professional must consider in their work. It can also be difficult to obtain this additional information from other departments in some scenarios.

We realise that payroll professionals are extremely busy at the moment, but the Quick Poll will take less than a minute to respond to. We really appreciate all of the feedback from our members, and so would like to thank you in advance for your input. This is your chance to have your say and feed into research in the payroll sphere.


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