New CIPP Quick Poll: Measures to help younger people into work

15 January 2021

Throughout the outbreak of coronavirus, it has been highlighted that younger people are the most likely to have been impacted by the pandemic, in terms of the effects that it has had on their jobs and employment.

The Government has recently implemented several measures to assist younger people to get into work, in addition to some longstanding schemes that were already in place. In recognition of this, the CIPP’s Policy and research team wanted to assess if businesses have been making use of these schemes, or not, and so there is a new Quick Poll available to answer on the topic.

We recognise that payroll professionals are extremely busy at present, but the Quick Poll should take less than a minute to respond to, and any answers feed into valuable research on the topic of measures introduced to encourage employers to hire younger workers, and to incentivise those individuals to begin working. The question asks:

Is your employer making use of any of the Government schemes introduced to incentivise young people to get into work?

The team would like to thank you in advance for any feedback you provide, and if you wish to give any additional information relating to the Quick Poll, then please email [email protected]


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