Quick poll on Shared Parental Leave

07 August 2018

Shared Parental Leave is now in its third year, have you seen an increase in take-up since 2015?

In February this year, the government launched a new campaign on Shared Parental Leave to raise awareness and encourage more parents to take up the offer in their baby’s first year.

The workplace right for eligible parents allows them to share up to 50 weeks of leave and 37 weeks of pay after having a baby. They can take time off separately or they can be at home together for up to 6 months.

According to the government around 285,000 couples every year are eligible but take up could be as low as 2% and around half of the general public is unaware that the option exists for parents.

The awareness campaign was launched after the government set out its Good Work Plan to deliver the pledge to not just protect workers’ rights but to also build on them. This is a vital part of the government’s Industrial Strategy – a long-term plan to build a Britain fit for the future by helping businesses create better, higher-paying jobs in every part of the UK.

The CIPP is interested to know what percentage of your workforce has taken up shared parental leave over the last year. Please take a moment to answer our quick poll which is situated to the right of this, and every, news item.