Quick Poll results: Do you think seafarers should be paid an equivalent to the national minimum wage?

09 June 2022

A government consultation, which focused on the introduction of proposed new legislation on seafarers’ wage protection, recently closed. The CIPP responded to the consultation and incorporated the results of the Quick Poll we recently hosted on our News Online page.

We asked the question: “Do you feel seafarers should be entitled to the national minimum wage (NMW) while in UK waters?”

The responses were as follows:

•    Yes (79%)
•    Unsure (12%)
•    No (9%).

This shows overwhelming support for the introduction of NMW for seafarers while working in UK waters.  This was reflected within the response we submitted to government.

Although Quick Polls take less than a minute to respond to, the results can be used to provide feedback which can potentially shape the future of payroll policy. The policy team would like to thank everyone who responded to the Quick Poll and would encourage you to continue getting involved in future polls to have your say.

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